Denim overall with sweater

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Casual looking denim overall with sweater for small to medium size dogs. The grey variant is lined and perfect for those colder autumn and winter days, while the pink variant is great for spring and summer. The denim parts are made from cotton, whereas the sweater is polyester based. The straps of the overall only run until the shoulders in order to make sure that they don't bother your dog while walking. The overall comes in two different color varieties: grey and pink.

Size Back Length Chest
XS 20 cm (7.9") 32 cm (12.6")
S 26 cm (10.2") 39 cm (15.4")
M 30 cm (11.8") 44 cm (17.3")
L 33 cm (13.0") 48 cm (18.9")
38 cm (14.0")
53 cm (20.9")
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